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Patriots paid the ultimate price against wrongheaded Reds in Korea and Vietnam; underhanded pinkos in Grenada, El Salvador, and elsewhere; and black-hearted beasts in the Middle East, Somalia and seemingly everywhere else. In fighting for their freedom and the freedom of others, some U. Really, are they serious? Seems it is OK for the Republicans but not others. Bill Clinton came from a poor family but Mitt Romney came from a family with millions.

They are so afraid Hillary will trounce any Republican in Guess what: They are right. Hillary is a shoo-in. Secrecy must be allowed for negotiating purposes in advance. And torture should be allowed in advance of asking a question, right? Unfortunately we have a president who likes to negotiate bad deals.

Deals that are good only for him and his select group of friends, such as his union cronies, or Bloomberg anti-gun fascists. Such as the NATO treaty that would, back-door, allow confiscation of all weapons. The president who promised transparency has been anything but. For once I praise the Democrats for blocking fast-track and secrecy.

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Sorry Ruth, but in this country, the president can negotiate, then publish the treaty for the public to see, then the Senate votes. Why should secrecy help in negotiations? The public.

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Although the punishment was severe, he did it for the good of the league. Personally, I agree with the punishment given by Commissioner Roger Goodell. He wanted to make a strong statement that league rules must be adhered to. There was very strong evidence the New England Patriots violated the rules. This is relatively old technology.

I have not kept up with the technology since retiring but I can only imagine it has advanced by leaps and bounds. Simply gathering information about possible traps is of advantage to everyone. It narrows possible drilling sites — or may actually kill the prospects of offshore oil production.

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With Memorial Day approaching, I am becoming ever more concerned about where our country is headed. The three-day holiday arrives and people head for the beach, go camping or just enjoy a neighborhood picnic.

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Because less than 1 percent of the population s the military, many Americans do not have relatives, or even friends who have served their country, and sacrificed so others can have the freedom to have a holiday. When a person enters the military they do not just learn skills such as shooting a rifle.

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They must learn to get along and work as a team member with people from every walk of civilian life — rich kids, poor kids, city kids, country kids, black, white, Asian, high-school and college gr. They also must live up to uniform standards of conduct and being responsible for self and to others in the organization. They learn a sense of honor, duty and patriotism. So few today really understand and appreciate the sacrifice so many have made. Because so few have served, so few also have experienced the American melting pot that is the United States military.

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Women want nsa Indian Harbour Beach Florida

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