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Yours is a virtual one so this study doesn't bear the same weight. This happens because you have a barrier between you and her. You don't see her move around and do normal things, you don't see the full array of expressions, you don't catch her in moments she is not prepared, and every sentence can be prepared and you can always make amends if something goes wrong. These are just examples, the truth is a virtual crush can last longer. Point One - Its always the guy that meets the girl. For obvious reasons.

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A girl going alone to meet a stranger is always dangerous, no matter how good you think the other person is. Guys that love their girls wont mind being the ones to go to her anyway am I right? Point Two - Don't pressure things, take the time you both need. It can be awkward to meet somebody finally. Its normal that you don't feel the same way than when you have a keyboard or miles between you two.

From my story, I can tell you that it went pretty good and I now date my virtual love in the real life - for 2 years and something.

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Still it felt kind of awkward at first. The first 5 minutes she even refused to look at me because she was embarrassed. Never give up just because society or the easy way tell you too.

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You have the right to be happy. Life will test you to see if you are worthy of obtaining happiness. Be Happy! Search this site.

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Women looking for casual sex Duluth sc

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