Wimberley TX cheating wives

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Call Now The implication? Married women interested in some extramarital action had quite the selection of adultery-hungry men to choose from. One thing is certain. Consider the following findings:. Experts are putting their money on the last of these explanations.

Studies have shown women cheat nearly as much as men, after all, though their reasons for cheating may differ — a desire for an intimate emotional bond and greater relationship satisfaction foremost among them. Men, in contrast, are more apt to stray because of stronger sexual impulses and greater sexual excitability, the studies say.

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One survey by a U. As the senior vice president of clinical development for Elements Behavioral Health EBHa family of recovery programs nationwide, Weiss was a first responder to the traumatic fallout for families of the Ashley Madison infidelity disclosures.

The website, ItsCheating. So the idea of a quick anonymous or casual booty call would be more attractive to a man seeking to stray than your average married woman. The same drive can feed many a love addictionan intimacy disorder that afflicts disproportionately more women than men in this country. Men, in contrast, more frequently fall prey to sex addiction.

Thankfully, for men and women with intimacy disorders, Weiss is quick to offer some good news: addiction treatment can indeed help them recover and live healthy and productive lives.

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A report by the tech news website Gizmodo originally identified a mere 12, female s, in contrast. The latest reports seem to correct this figuresome alleging that as many as 5.

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According to some of the same reports, of those 5. Or is the issue that women are just better at hiding their extramarital affairs? What if, alternatively, women simply cheat differently than men?

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Finding the Answer to this Painful Question July 21,

Wimberley TX cheating wives

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Ashley Madison’s Dearth of Female Users: What It Reveals About Married Women Who Cheat