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For instance, if I moved to Canada, I would have to go back to school to work as a massage therapist because the of hours required is double or more the requirement in Ohio. Some countries have no regulations whatsoever, I have read. Ah, regulations.

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I guess you could say that's the rub of the problem. I'll show myself out. Probably not much help on this board. You probably need to do some searches for ex-pat communities in Europe, where Wanted massage or France, work visas, taxes, and the like are discussed by those who have experienced it.

But to provide a very basic bit of advice, what you are thinking is much more difficult than just figuring out if any qualification transfers. The most basic issue is gaining the right to immigrate into a country and gaining the right to work. Unless you already have some right to citizenship in a European Country, getting a work visa to then seek work independently is nearly impossible. Most US citizens that work and live in Europe are hired by European Companies prior to relocating, who then sponsor their work visa, and do so because they have very specialized skills that are needed.

Another group works for US based companies, who again take care of any paperwork, or even for the Defense Department, working in association with the US Military or State Department. Showing up and seeking work, in hopes you can get a Visa will not work, you are not able to be hired without the proper authorizations, and if your skill is readily available in the workforce, an employer would not be able to sponsor a Work Visa.

I guess I would suggest looking to see if the Defense Department is hiring, something like rehabilitation specialists that may include massage, but to be honest, on many US bases, when they need Wanted massage or France help like that, they hire from the local workforce. I don't think many of us on this Forum have the information you are seeking.

Each nation likely has its own regulations and requirements for the job of "massage therapist. Before you get too deep into the technicalities and licensing qualifications of this particular field, I think you would be well served to focus on a country where you might like to live. Once you do that, you will need to research the requirements of a work visa.

These are usually very difficult to obtain, so you may be stymied by the particular visa requirements before you even begin to understand educational or experience requirements. I suggest contacting the embassy of the countries you are interested in moving to and then inquiring into work visas. Without one, you will be breaking the law. FastEddie, is your name, per chance, a reference to the Callahan's Crosstime Saloon stories?

Regardless, I appreciate a good pun any day of the week. Although I don't have any lying around to offer in return.

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I keep trying to massage this post to come up with one, but not doing so well. I seem to have misplaced my pun. Any tips? Thanks everyone. It sounds like the path forward would be getting a job and having the employer help with the paperwork. I assume you are a US citizen. To stay over 90 days, or to work in any European country as a foreigner you need a visa.

Which country were you considering? Each country like the USA and Canada have their own rules and laws. You need to find out the immigration laws for that country, and how to comply with them. As a general rule, most countries only issues visas for skills that are in short supply, i.

And language. Unless you speak the local language you will have great difficulty in working. This is especially true for public-facing jobs like yours. If you cannot communicate with your customers you will not get many. What languages do you speak? And if you intend to be self-employed you have to learn how to set up a business in that country, complying with all the laws.

I'm Canadian, so I have slightly different understandings about reciprocal employment. Canadians under a certain age can apply to work in Australia, UK and possibly some other countries. It could be due to being still theoretically under the same crown, but if you have an age advantage, do Americans have something similar? I'm guessing not the UK as that went out with the tea dregs back in 's. Alternatively, if you are registered, what about researching through your professional affiliations?

It would be a bit difficult, wouldn't it? MariaF, the difference for a Canadian is that Canada and several other countries are still part of the British Commonwealth, which makes it easier to work in other Commonwealth countries. The US has no such ties.

I believe Massage Therapy is Provincially regulated so the rules may differ depending on which province you want to practice in. There's a Massage Therapy College in the town that I live, so there are a lot of therapists in this area. The "Spa" training is much less stringent than the full RMT program. I don't know what the reciprocity details are for therapists from other jurisdictions. The qualifications Wanted massage or France Europe are also likely more stringent than Ohio, so getting a work permit for European countries could be difficult.

I really don't think massage therapists are in short supply within the EU and the rules stipulate that consideration should first be given to employing an EU citizen for a particular role and only consider applicants from outside the EU if there are insufficient candidates. There's more to it than that but that's the crux of it, essentially it will be very difficult for you to get a job in the EU as a massage therapist. For Germany: the relevant education is " Physiotherapeut " which is a 3-year-trainee "Ausbildung" - theoretical and on-the-job education with state-organised check and certificate.

Lots of medical know-how, not massages only and tons of administration to learn. Education in German language only. All possible but way to go. In whole Schengen area you are not allowed to work based on a "tourist" visatypical 90 days - crime act in most Wanted massage or France. In Germany you will need an " Aufenthaltstitel " - a mix of residence title and work permission.

Other countries have their own procedures. Not easy, but far from impossible.

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From a Swedish point of view there is some demand for massage therapists and it I don't think it is impossible for a non-EU citizen to get a job. The correct way to do it would be to apply for a job, and once you have a job offer you can apply for a work permit. It is not a regulated profession but there is an organisation that has set some standards and "certifies" massage therapists. While it is possible to work without certification, it probably helps to have one.

Contact them for more information on if you can convert your existing licence or just take the test. The biggest problem might be the language though. It will be next to impossible to get a job in Sweden if you don't speak at least basic Wanted massage or France. And I think Mark has made a small translation error. Or maybe Masseur und medizinischer Bademeister. Our Swedish poster has come to the point.

What language s other than English do you speak? Badger, it was less a translation issue. Bademeister but the perspectives to get a good job are not good. The physio therapists just cover the postions as well - a few are very well paid by private patients. Thanks, all. I speak some German, but no Swedish.

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But, heck, maybe I'll learn. This idea is not going to happen any time soon, anyway, and I hear Sweden is a pretty great place to live. No doubt you present level of German will improve once you are there, as long as you don't fall into linguistic laziness by copping out using the easy option of lapsing into English and allowing those knowing English to communicate with you. Simply not an option. Stick with the German, no matter how frustrating it gets. If it's frustrating, so what. Is that suppose to matter? Stick to the German anyway.

You'll get better. You cop out, you won't get better.

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There is one very tiny loophole for Americans. IF you are under 30, you can get a working visa for 12 months to Republic of Ireland. This is the only EU country that offers working visas to young U. Could be a nice experience for one year. Or, you could move to Canada, become a Canadian citizen, and get a working visa to any Commonwealth or EU country if you are under Definitely the long way around for a temporary solution up to two years. It takes ten years to become a Canadian citizen, so I'm just kidding.

More details in this recent article. The Nordics and Germany offer very good places to live - especially the work-life-balance is unique recently published study and rating. I assume this study missed Copenhagen which is normally listed in Wanted massage or France 3. In the Nordics people shall be aware of winter and summer periods. The daylight periods in winter are shorter than in Germany. For some people this matters for their quality of life. Also the longer daylights - or even midnight sun in the very north - is hard for some people to deal with. In general compared to the Nordics Germany is partly perceived more busy especially in city areas - the mainland border between Germany and Denmark is like a slow-down "machine" for Germans.

Everything starts to get slowly and more relaxed, especially the driven speed on Autobahn Btw: close to Kiel we still have the Swedish corner called Schwedeneck.

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Very nice place for a cliff walk. Shawn, get in contact with one of the massage therapy professional associations and inquire about specific country requirements of starting a business. They will lead you in the direction toward getting the answers you need. You will need some sort of working or entrepreneurial visa for whichever country you choose.

I am hoping to move to France upon retirement and have found a lot of good info on several Facebook forums. One that I love is run by an American who is an immigration specialist who lives in France and has a business helping Americans move to France. It will give you great insight into what it takes - although each country is different it will give you a sense of how these things go.

The is simply called Americans in France. Allison Lounes is the "owner" of the and is coming out with a book soon that explains the visa process for this country. I helped her edit the book and it was very interesting to see the process, the numerous types of visas, and read about the challenges of visas when you want to work in another country. For France there is a process of getting the visa before you leave, registering once you are there, and then jumping through the hoops with the local marie and prefecture, going through a medical exam, getting enrolled in mandatory language classes, etc.

Wanted massage or France you will have the issues of Wanted massage or France up your own business with proper licensing, learning how to file taxes in both France and the US, and all of the other things that come with owning a business. After that you have to renew your visa regularly which is an entirely different thing as well.

An entrepreneurial visa is possible The easiest way to make it happen though is to find an immigration specialist for the country you want to live in and then have them assist you. Doing it on your own without speaking the language is doable but difficult. This link contains a table showing all EU countries in which this profession is regulated, with the name of the profession as used in the country. By clicking on the name you can access details of the regulated profession with the competent authorities and points of contact. Good luck! Does anyone know of trusted sources where this information can be had?

Thanks, Shawn. I appreciate the feedback.

Wanted massage or France

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