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Another Saturday night, and another dateless evening for me, this wasn't all that unusual. Sure I've had dates in the past, but ever since my wife passed away 18 years ago giving birth to our daughter, who I named Sara, which had been the request of my wife, she had chosen the name if it was a girl. I had been devastated when the doctor told me that there was nothing they could do.

I had never really gotten over it, even to this day, she had been my high school sweetheart and we had married shortly after graduating. Shortly there after, we got the greatest news of our life, when our doctor told us that in 9 short months, we'd be the proud parents of a new beautiful new baby, if we had only known, I'm sure there would have been so many things I would have said, and because of this grief, I've been stuck in the past for all these years, and when it really hit me, it really hit me, on one occasion, I had even tried to commit suicide, and had it not been for my daughter coming home to find me passed out on the floor, with an empty bottle of sleeping pills on the floor nearby, I would have certainly died there.

Luckily she Taboo daughter love been able to get help quickly enough and they were able to bring me back from the brink of death. I spent a month in the hospital and another 2 years in therapy for my depression, it had helped at first, but I was slowly slipping back to that point again.

It's not that I had a problem finding dates, and I had been out on a few as a part of my therapy. I considered myself a good looking guy for 39 going on At 5'11' and lbs, I still had the trim, muscular body structure that I had kept with regular exercise and a good diet, but in my depressed Taboo daughter love, I was slowly going to pot.

I kept my dirty blonde hair cut just above my ears, and my sea blue eyes centered on my face rather nicely as I've been told by many women. Sitting in my easy chair that night, I was content to simply drink myself into oblivion again, wallowing in my own self pity, when my daughter came into the room and dropped herself into my lap, kissing me on the cheek as she always did, and brought a smile to my usually frowning face. You're Taboo daughter love about mom again right? Well its time that you let it go, I know you miss her and so do I, and I never even knew her, do you know what it is like to be a girl growing up without a mom?

Not to mention seeing your dad unhappy" she choked out, before wrapping her arms around me and burying her head in my shoulder in tears. I couldn't help but cry myself. We cried for a good half hour, while wrapped in each others arms. It was while I had been softly stroking her hair that I noticed that she had fallen asleep in my arms. So I stood up still holding her to me, and carried her upstairs to her bed.

Laying her down in her bed, I realized that leaving her to sleep in her jeans and the sweater that she had on wouldn't be to comfortable for her, so letting my loving daddy mode kick in, I decided that those articles of clothing would have to come off, and with a talent that only fathers possess, I was able to get her sweater and jeans off of her easily.

I leaned over to tuck her in, I brushed her shoulder length blonde hair out of her face, kissed her cheek and whispered "I love you princess" when her eyelids fluttered open to reveal her baby blue eyes and I heard her whisper back "I love you to daddy" before her eyes closed again and she fell back asleep, as I pulled her sheets up over her.

I stood in the doorway as I watched her sleeping form, and basked in the warmth knowing that we would for ever share a loving bond that could never be broken, as I looked on, watching as the beautiful creature that I had helped to create slept peacefully, her golden blonde hair framing her angelic face, her curvaceous body that she kept that way being on the swim team in school, as well as the long distance running team.

She has very long trim legs just like her mother did, which helped her with many races. I could remember the many Taboo daughter love long ago, when her mother and I would be in bed together, and she would have her long, beautiful legs wrapped around my waist as we made love together, or how she used Taboo daughter love stand on one side of the door, where I couldn't see her, and stick one nude leg out slowly where I could see it, and extend and bend it provocatively, teasing me.

I longed for that feeling again, Taboo daughter love had to pull myself away when I realized that I was moving back towards her bed. She's your daughter I told myself, you can't be thinking Taboo daughter love her that way, besides, she'd never want an old man like you, even if you weren't her father, you'd never have a chance.

I closed her door and made my way back to my own bedroom, stripping down to my boxers, I crawled into bed and fell asleep to the thoughts of how much I missed the companionship of a women, one that I could make sweet love to like I had with Sara's mom many years ago. Teary eyed and depressed, I finally let sleep overcome my weary soul. I awoke the next morning with mixed feelings of guilt and lust, one side of me yearned for the sensual touch of a woman who I could call my lover, and that woman happened to be my very own daughter.

The erotic dreams I had experienced last night were almost real, so real that for a moment I thought that they had actually happened and when I woke up my heart sank not seeing her in bed next to me, knowing that I had not carried her in my arms to my bed, where I undressed her slowly, kissing each square inch of bare flesh as it was revealed, before feasting on the delicacy of her young teenage pussy, bringing her to multiple orgasms as she screamed out "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy" Her screams of ecstasy sounded so real to me, as I moved my way back up her body, before burying my rock hard shaft into her tight pussy.

Unconsciously, I had reached down and had started stroking myself when there was a knock at the door, startling me back to reality and causing me to pull my hand back from my crotch. As she moved towards my bed, I took notice that she must have either changed in the middle of the night into something more comfortable to sleep in, or had attempted to put something on to be a bit more modest, unfortunately, the satin gown that she wore, left very little to the imagination.

Although it didn't show much cleavage, the presence of them was not left unnoticed, just like the rest of the curves along her body as the gown seemed to cling to every one of them. As she climbed into my bed next to me, which was something that was normal between us since before she could walk, I used to bring her in after she had awaken, and she'd crawl around on the bed or just snuggle up on my chest and fall back asleep, it was in my opinion, one of our greatest bonding moments.

I could tell by the look on her face that she had something on her mind, and as she cuddled up next to me, something else came to my mind. Looking down just barely, the neck of her gown was cut low enough and hung so loosely that her right breast all the way to the nipple was putting on a surprise show. The rosy red bud was erect and it was the size of a pencil eraser, I had to shake myself out of a daze when I noticed the room was silent, and I could tell Sara was waiting for a response from me to a question I didn't know.

Wouldn't you rather go shopping with one of them instead? Because you're a very handsome man and when my girlfriends see me with you, they all get jealous that you're my Daddy" she stated, obviously catching on to my weak attempts to get out of going shopping, not that I didn't love spending time with her, but when an 18 year old girl tells you she wants to go shopping, its usually because she wants you to pay for whatever she's buying.

I know all of them by name, and they all call me Steve, which I prefer much more instead of Mr. Samantha is the brunette with the small chest, she's about my height remember? I decided that a cold shower was in order, in hopes of brushing off the sexual desires I had at the moment, she's my daughter for crying out loud, and its hands off when it comes to my lusting for her. Once I was in the shower, the cold water did me good and by the time that I had gotten cleaned up and out of the shower, my cock had gone limp and I was ready to face Sara again, but not as soon as I did.

The bathroom in our house could be entered from two sides, from the hallway, and from my room, so as I walked into my room, I was still only wearing my towel, and I didn't expect to see what I did in my room, because there, standing in from of my closet, stretching to reach something that was just barely out of reach, was the most delectable ass to ever squeeze into a pair of shorts that were obviously two sizes too small, I could feel my cock rise to attention as I thought that she's either not wearing panties, or has a very small thong on under them, covering the point at which the most wonderful, lithe legs to ever grace the female body met, the only problem was that that female, happened to be my own daughter.

I cleared my throat which caused her to jump when she realized she was no longer alone. I moved over across the room to lift her up so that she could reach whatever it was she was trying to get at when I came in.

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She was only 5'2" and the shelf in my closet was rather high, and my 5'11" stature allowed me to reach things up there easier, so I put my hands on her hips and with a giggle from her, lifted her up. When I realized what she had pulled down, my breath caught in my throat, because in that box, was an old blue lace teddy that used to belong to Taboo daughter love wife, and was my favourite outfit, and I couldn't pull myself to get rid of it, and had put it in that box and left it in the closet. I had completely forgotten about it until today. Sensing my apprehension about the contents of the box, Sara stopped short of opening it and asked.

With that I lifted the box from her hands, and tossed it on the bed, while Sara grabbed a shirt from the hangers, and a pair of pants to go with it, and I pushed her out the door so that I could get dressed. When I opened the door again, she wasn't there, so I called out to her. I wasn't waiting in the car long, when Sara came out the door, locking it behind her, she skipped along around to the passenger side of the car, and climbed in, and we were off.

Sara sitting next to me, the smiling, bubbly essence of youth, I couldn't help but watch her and see how much she was turning into her mother. I had been watching her so intently in fact, that it wasn't until she pointed out Taboo daughter love I had Taboo daughter love the turn into the mall parking lot, so circling around, I turned the car into the parking lot, and found a spot not far from the entrance.

So with that settled, we were off towards the mall, I had my arm around Sara's waist, and she didn't seem to mind, I guess she was glad that I had my arm around her, as it meant that I am hers, and to be totally honest, I was glad to, because she is mine. Our first stop once inside the mall was in Sears, I knew this stop was for cosmetics, lipstick, blush and such, the stuff I didn't know anything about, so I just stood off to the side while Sara talked with the saleswoman behind the counter about colors and skin tones and such. Every so often the lady would bring out a small tube of something or other, that Sara would try on, and either nod her head in agreement, or in disagreement, it had seemed like hours when in reality it had only been about 20 minutes before Sara waved me over, I knew it was for the bill.

Handing over my credit card to the saleswoman, Sara proceeded to tell me how she had only bought a couple tubes of lip stick and one whatever you want to call it of blush, so I ed my name on the bill, and with a smile and a wave, we were off to find the next lucky salesperson who would get to take credit for whatever they sold to my daughter.

As we made our way though the mall, I could see that Sara was truly enjoying herself. As we made our way though the perfume section, I was really hoping that she would just continue walking, but I could see that something had caught her eye, or nose I should say, and before I knew it, I was standing off to the side at another counter talking with another saleswoman, and a small bottle was purchased, with me ing the bill of course. I was just glad to get out of there because all the smells were just too much for me.

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Relieved, we finally made it out of Sears and the perfume area, and I could breathe clean air again. Is that you? Landell makes me feel rather old, so I insist they call me Steve" I replied. So I suggested instead that the three of them go on their own, and I would go grab us a table in the food court for some lunch. On our way to the food court, I took a moment to glance over and give Samantha's mom the once over. She seemed okay, rather attractive for her 40 years of age, her strawberry blonde hair hung about her shoulders and framed her green eyes rather nicely.

I couldn't detect any sag in her breasts, which I guessed were either a very full C cup, or just barely a D cup, which was the part that really confused me, as her daughter had only a B cup according to Sara, who felt it necessary to share that information with me, she must have caught me Taboo daughter love, because her next comment caught me off guard. After sitting for a little while and making small talk, Kathy decided that she would go and get us all something to eat, and after telling her what I would like and to just get Sara the same thing that she got for Samantha, she was off and I was left to my own company until one of the three females returned.

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A Daughter's Love. Story Info. Share this Story. Font Size Default Font Size. Default Font Spacing. Default Font Face. Detect Automatically. Default Theme White. Unholy1 13 Works. She's the red head with the big cans right? Sensing my apprehension about the contents of the box, Sara stopped short of opening it and asked "Daddy is there something about this box that I shouldn't know?

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When I opened the door again, she wasn't there, so I called out to her "Sara dear, where are you? I'm ready to go" "I'll be right out daddy, I'm just going to the washroom" I heard her reply "Okay then, I'll be out in the car waiting" I wasn't waiting in the car long, when Sara came out the door, locking it behind her, she skipped along around to the passenger side of the car, and climbed in, and we were off.

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