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This has left entire generations of people to interpret sex by cultural rather than biblical standards.

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The good news is Scripture portrays sex as a wonderful gift from God that should be enjoyed Listen as Pastor Leonce paints a picture of sexuality as it was meant to be, as we find out that Sex in context is a good gift from God.

Whereas sex out of context may lead to pleasure, but it also le to incredible pain. Genesis ; ; Proverbs ; Song of Songs This week, we conclude the three-part sermon, The Dating Game. Pastor Leonce lays out the final five behaviors for Biblical courtship.

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Women Respond 7. In Community 8. Minimize Emotional Investment Initially 9.

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Don't Drag It Out Keep It Pure. Last week we began a 3-part sermon called "The Dating Game". Pastor Leonce began by explaining the damage that modern dating has caused to all those involved. This week we look at several principles for dating someone biblically: 2. New List, New Standard 4. Friends First 5. Men Initiate These are important, because one of our guiding principles is that we are trying to prepare to be a godly spouse, even as we try to find a godly spouse. All singles who profess Christ and aspire to marriage — even as a possibility — have this responsibility.

And if you aren't married yet, its not unlikely that you are either at that point right now, trying to recover from it, or headed that way. So today we are going to deal with dating and discover some guideline for doing it well.

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In recent years our culture has told us that we are incomplete until we are married think Jerry Maguire. Unfortunately, the church has been complicit. While marriage is good and should be pursued, it is not necessary to fully living out a Spirit-led, Christian life. This overemphasis has left those who are single in the church feeling inificant.

This week Pastor Leonce unpacks Paul's encouragement to singles from 1 Corinthians 7. There is ificance in singleness.

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Renovation Church of Atlanta. Media App. The Dating Game pt.

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