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While these resources offer plenty of helpful advice, they tend to overlook one important fact: The quest for an ideal partner invariably begins with a long look inward. Life is as good as your relationship with yourself. Only you know exactly what you want to hear and feel and do. But what if you were able to enthusiastically and reliably deliver all the items on this list for yourself?

Imagine, for a moment, the dynamics of attraction and connection that might exist between two people who were already adept at fulfilling their own needs, and already secure in their understanding and appreciation of themselves. That would be a pretty amazing relationship, right?

The fact is, if you want a partner who respects you, then you must first respect yourself. If you want someone who understands you, you must first understand Seeking very helpful person. Coming from a place of emotional security and self-respect reduces our temptation to get involved in a romantic relationship simply to fill in our emotional gaps. It allows us to approach potential relationships from a position of wholeness and strength, rather than from a position of neediness, loneliness or desperation.

It will improve your emotional instincts, allowing you to safely risk being more vulnerable, accessible and compassionate. It will also help you build the skills and awareness required to really love and appreciate another person. This is important because, unconsciously, we tend to seek out characteristics and attributes in others that are as yet undeveloped in ourselves.

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That goes for everything from creativity and athleticism to confidence and professional success. Another way to shift perspective: Take full ownership of your own issues.

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Can I give that to myself instead of just demanding it from my partner? It can seem counterintuitive to look inside for what you so obviously want from someone else. I want someone else to meet my needs. But would we really find that passive mindset attractive in a good friend or potential partner? Probably not.

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And that makes being solo a lot more fun. So how can you become the person you want to find? Here are two processes that help develop your ability to look inward, learn to accept what you see and then embrace yourself with open-hearted compassion. Each one helps you assess and improve how you function in all aspects of your life, not just in a romantic relationship.

But each one will also help you perceive and appreciate the very best in your partner. Examine your unconscious beliefs and assumptions. You might not believe that the model of a relationship imprinted on your unconscious decades ago can affect your relationships now, but it does. The way you relate to yourself and, subsequently, the way you relate with others, are both strongly influenced by that imprinted standard. For example, if you believe that loving and accepting yourself unconditionally is selfish or conceited, you will never be open to receiving unconditional love from another person.

If you are closed to yourself, then you are closed, period. Once you understand Seeking very helpful person your ingrained ideas about relationships might be operating at a subconscious level, your conscious efforts to do things differently will be much more successful.

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Own your projections. Just as we are likely to find attractive in others the very attributes and abilities we most want to develop in ourselves, we are also constantly projecting our own ideas, feelings and motivations onto other people.

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Recognizing this tendency when it occurs, and observing it with compassion as opposed to a lot of self-judgmentscan help you take giant strides toward self-acceptance and self-awareness. One of our strongest beliefs is that we can know for certain what is motivating someone else. You probably feel hurt, ignored, angry and abandoned. Are you really afraid that he values his hobby more than you? Do you value some aspect of your life more highly than your relationship?

Or could it be that you wish you had a passion that you cared so much about? Your emotional response may have more to do with your reaction to your own projections than with the reality itself. When this new awareness emerges, so does the possibility of an honest examination in which no one is blamed.

Keep in mind that relationships are, by their very nature, reflective. We are here, and in a relationship with each other, in order to help each other learn. It can be very helpful to perceive that each person in our midst is in some way a reflection of an aspect of ourself. Whatever we find to envy, covet, long for or loathe in another is very likely something calling for our attention right here at home. City and state are only displayed in our print magazine if your comment is chosen for publication. Life Time Member App.

Looking for that special someone? Wishing you could change the Seeking very helpful person you're with? You may need to start by taking a good long look in the mirror. She is a frequent contributor to Experience Life. Thoughts to share? Leave a Comment. More Like This. How To Reinvent Yourself.

Shift your motive from self-presentation to service. Personal Development. Discover how cultivating an inquiring mind can help you lead a happier, healthier life. Cultivate Self-Compassion.

Seeking very helpful person

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