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True, Asian American cinema has long had a testy relationship with canons. In fact, early films, like those made by Visual Communications in the s, existed to undermine the notion of canons altogether, agitating from the margins against a mainstream that could never understand or assimilate its cultures or politics. In later decades, Asian American film and video explicitly explored image-making too experimental, too queer, too resistant to labels to comfortably assemble into a neat corpus.

This national festival circuit became an informal distribution network and bestowed the films awards.

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We invited over more than 20 Asian American critics and curators who professionally observed and debated the scene for the last two decades to participate. To determine that canon, we invited more than 20 Asian American critics and curators who professionally observed and debated the scene for the last two decades to participate in a poll. They were limited to films from this period directed by and prominently featuring Asian Americans. Canada was bracketed off because while Asian Canadian cinema played the same festival circuit, its films were produced in a different political context surrounding issues of immigration, citizenship and national belonging all central to how Asian American cinema was first defined.

While the top 20 only includes one Southeast Asian director Ham Tran and two South Asian directors Mira Nair and Aneesh Chagantythe rest of the list reveals broader ethnic diversity, suggesting that even within Asian American cinema are voices still demanding recognition. It remains a milestone for ferociously defiant Asian American storytelling. John, Patrick Wang, Sebastian Brodziak. Asians making history in a blockbuster Hollywood rom-com? You love to see it.

Cho and Richardson give superbly matched performances as two people talking about architecture and thinking about life in a serenely intelligent two-hander set at the intersection of Ozu and Linklater. A late Detroit-based activist known especially for her advocacy for black communities during the civil rights era, Boggs springs to rich, indelible life in this affectionate but critically thoughtful documentary. A young surgeon keeps her sexual identity a secret from her mom, who has secrets of her own. A hallmark of lesbian cinema and a beloved comedy of Chinese American women negotiating family honor.

Mendoza, Jake Moreno, L. This miraculous microbudget musical, about three high school graduates in the sleepiest of San Francisco suburbs, introduced the world to the inventive eye of Wong and the infectious melodies of composer-lyricist-actor Mendoza. Grace Lee, no fan of her own overused moniker, set out to find the answer — and emerged with a documentary that wittily upends stereotypes about Asian female passivity.

How did a pulpy action picture e-brake its way onto this list? For ranked ballots, points were weighted according to preference: 20 points for 1, Searching 4 loving asian lady points for 2, etc. For unranked ballots, all films received the same of points, which is an average of the total of points possible for the ballot.

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Searching 4 loving asian lady

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The 20 best Asian American films of the last 20 years