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We are pleased to welcome Lemy Chatelier pronounced chat'-a-leer to the Spectrum Team. Lemy has a graduate degree in school counseling and has been working as a high school counselor for several years. He is enrolled in the post-graduate certificate program at FGCU, Florida Gulf Coast University, pursuing certification and licensing in clinical mental health counseling and relationship and family counseling. This is a remarkable and rare opportunity to receive counseling services that would ordinarily be much more expensive.

The only limitation is that he will be available only through the end of July, After that, he will again be available from mid-August through Mid-December.

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Please look at his bioand call today to get on Lemy's schedule. Sexuality is a healthy, positive and rewarding part of couple life.

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When you come to Spectrumyou will discuss your sexual concerns in a safe and comfortable environment with our sexologist and therapist, Alicia Allen. Hopefully the following information will help dispel the myths surrounding sex therapy.

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What is sex therapy? Sex therapy is a specialized psychotherapy that helps individuals and couples deal with the issues that negatively impact their sexual life. Sex therapy is about resolving the sexual issues you are facing. Who goes to sex therapy? Sex therapy is for anyone who is having Sanibel free sex in their sexual life. Men, women, and couples can seek sex therapy. These problems can be anything form a sexual dysfunction or troublesome feelings due to sexual thoughts and behaviors.

What to expect from sex therapy? You and your therapist will have an open and frank discussion about sex in a judgement-free setting. There is nothing taboo, shocking, or off limits when talking to your therapist about sex. If you do not feel ready to talk about something, you may say so. Your wish will be respected. Alicia can help you to speak about difficult sexual issues even if they cause you shame or embarrassment.

To reinforce the therapy sessions and to practice new skills, sometimes you will be given homework to complete outside of session. Homework is done privately either by yourself or with your partner. Sometimes it will involve touching and sometimes just talking. During the first session or first few sessions, the therapist will take a comprehensive history. You will talk about your sexual and relationship history. You will talk about the issues that you are facing, when they started, and how intense they are.

From there, Sanibel free sex and your therapist will set client-driven goals. Once goals are set, you and your therapist will work on reaching those goals. How many sessions will I need? The of sessions is determined on many things, such as what the issue is, the intensity, etc… It is client driven and unique to each individual person. Would you like to switch to the accessible version of this site? Go to accessible site Close modal window. Don't need the accessible version of this site? Hide the accessibility button Close modal window.

Accessibility View Close toolbar. Sex Therapy Sexuality is a healthy, positive and rewarding part of couple life. Contact Me. Primary Monday: am - pm. Tuesday: am - pm. Wednesday: am - pm. Thursday: am - pm. Friday: am - pm. Saturday: AM - PM. Sunday: Closed.

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Sanibel free sex

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