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In the Pacific region 56 per cent of the population is under the age of. But a positive change is occurring in business. But data collection for a new research project suggests a brighter picture for the private sector, where the region is making crucial progress towards equal representation.

Some sectors are higher. Four of the 19 listed companies now have gender-equal or majority women boards, including one woman board chair. These gains are strengthened by initiatives such as the updated SPX listing rulesrequiring companies to report on gender diversity initiatives in their annual reports. Unsupportive workplaces can also contribute to women dropping out of the workforce at higher rates than men.

An increasing of Pacific businesses are developing gender and diversity policies to overcome these challenges.

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InMark One Apparel in Fiji opened an on-site childcare centrethe first in Fiji, which has attracted and retained skilled women who might not otherwise be in the workforce. Pleass Beverage in Fiji offers dedicated training and mentoring opportunities for women to build their skills and confidence to take on leadership roles. These efforts have resulted in greater retention of women and a higher proportion of women taking on management roles. Private-sector organisations are also increasingly setting gender targets and reporting progress — both critical actions in improving gender equality.

The regional Pacific Power Association maintains a gender portal with regional benchmarking through sex-disaggregated reporting on the composition of the power sector workforce. These show genuine progress, but the data also confirms that women continue to be constrained when attempting to reach the highest levels of leadership. Continued efforts towards equal representation in leadership are critical, not only for gender equality, but also for continued economic growth. Achieving equal representation of men and women in leadership will take continued effort. View the discussion thread.

Sarah Boxall. An increasing of Pacific businesses are developing gender and diversity policies. Nadi, Fiji Asian Development Bank. The Lowy Institute is part of the. Show Comments View the discussion thread. Article Something has to give: The cost of no peace in Afghanistan. You may also be interested in. Greg Colton 23 Jan Sometimes your closest friends, rather than your rivals, cause the biggest headaches.

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Ostravice rd subway 8ish tonight

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