On a business trip looking for company

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A business trip is temporary travel because of work duties.

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Employers may reimburse business trip expenses free of tax. Business trips are temporary, and made to a special place on of work tasks. Such a special place of work is one where an employee works on a temporary basis only. Her employer has received a two-month commission from a company in Vaasa. During these two months, Bertha works in Vaasa at the premises of the client company.

Maximum duration of temporary work at a single location is 3 years. If the deadline expires init can be extended by six months.

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More precise definition of business trips and the time limits for temporary work in Finnish and Swedish only. Such allowances are tax-exempt if they are based either on actual expenses or on the Official Decision of the Tax Administration on Allowances for Travel Expenses.

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If your employer has paid the expenses for your business trip, you are no longer entitled to deduct the same travel costs as expenses for the production of income. More information on kilometre and per diem allowances. If your employer has not covered your travel expenses, you can deduct the costs as expenses for the production of income in your tax return.

File travel expenses according to the actual costs. If you have used public transportation for your business trip, travel expenses are deductible at actual cost.

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If your employer has provided you with a car as an unlimited fringe benefit and you use the company car for a business trip, you are not entitled to deduct any expenses because the travel does not cost you anything. Individuals Tax card and tax return Deductions Travel expenses Business trips. Business trips. What are business trips? Forms 1D Travel expenses — Deductible as expenses for the production income e.

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On a business trip looking for company

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Managing business travel expenses