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If you are married or in a committed relationship, and any interaction with me would have to be kept secret from your partner, please move on. If your partner can know about me and will speak with me, then you Need ltr male sub contact me if you meet my other criteria.

Basically, I'm looking for a White Knight in public, a houseboy in day to day life, a pain puppy when I'm feeling sadistic, an obedient slave when I wish to play in other ways, and a very attentive lover when I need one which isn't terribly often as hubby is very good at this. The White Knight would be the epitome of chivalry. I would never open a door for myself again.

My chair would always be held for me while I sit. There would always be a hand there to help me rise from a chair or alight from a car. He would be a half step behind and to my left at all times when I wanted him. The houseboy would take on the household responsibilities. Laundry, cleaning, cooking when I wanted him to I like to cookand generally making sure everything in our home had a place and everything was properly in that place so it would be available when needed. He would assist with holiday decorating. And would even do the grocery shopping when directed.

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He would be in charge of making sure my home ran smoothly. The pain puppy would make himself available when I wanted to play.

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My paddles, my flogger, my whip, my crops, and all of my other toys would be used on his willing body to my delight. He would bear my marks with pride. He would writhe and moan for my enjoyment, suffering whatever I dished out and begging for more if it made me happy. I would burn his flesh and get drunk on the aroma. The obedient slave would please me in other ways. He would offer himself as entertainment as I deemed delightful. He would restrain my husband for my use at my direction, or be restrained by my husband for my use, also at my direction.

Who you touch and how would be for me alone to determine. And you would accept this gladly. The lover would be more concerned with my needs and pleasure than his own. A mutual Need ltr male sub that would ignite fires and desires. Someone with stamina to hold off on his own climax until he was sure I was completely sated before ing me in delicious mutual relaxation and satisfaction. This is my ideal fantasy. My hope is to find someone I can properly train to be this and more. Someone who will work to help support the household. And someone my husband and I can both be comfortable enough with to ask him to us.

While what I wrote above is pretty, poetic, and idealistic, maybe I should clarify a bit for those that may be interested. I'm looking for someone local. About a 2 hour drive from Toledo, Oh is the limit of what I would find acceptable.

I want someone who can be physically accessible. If you are further away than this but have the ability time and the means financial to come to me often to get to know me and let me get to know you, then you may contact me.

I am NOT looking for online, Skype, phone, or any other distance type of relationship. If I can't touch you, I find very little satisfaction in the interactions. I also will not have someone relocate across an ocean.

Be in the US or Canada. While new friends are always nice, right now I'm looking for someone very specific. I'm not interested in females or couples. That's not meant to sound harsh, just honest. I'm looking for someone to meet my needs, and that means a male submissive. This also means I am not looking for a sissy. Need ltr male sub looking for a man. I'm looking for a long term relationship, not just an occasional play partner. This will take time and patience to cultivate. Be sure you're willing to invest the time.

This relationship is an experiment. My husband and I have never tried adding a third person into our relationship, so whoever may us will have to understand this and be able to accept the experimental nature of the relationship We hope it will, and we will enter into it in good faith and with the willingness to work on issues, but as in every relationship, it may simply not work.

I'm NOT looking for a fuck buddy. Sex, if and when it comes, will be at my discretion and whim. Don't get into this for the sex. You'll be very disappointed. You'll get some only when it's given to you. This is not written in stone, but my preference is for fit men, between the ages of 27 and It's not personal, it's just that I'm not normally attracted to those traits.

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But it is what it is. I hope this clarifies things a bit more. It's not as romantic as the first half of this post, but it's a bit more realistic. The last thing you should know before contacting me is that I am NOT disease free. I have herpes.

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I do not play sexually in any way when I have an outbreak which is once or twice a year. I've heard that you can pass this on even without an outbreak, but from the little I've read on this, I would still know if my herpes was active and would take the proper precautions.

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If you have questions, I am happy to answer them on this subject. I'm not shy about it at all.

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If this is unacceptable, I don't blame you, but don't bother me! I love doing microbrandings. I have a whip and want to learn to use it properly. I have a flogger that needs to be used much more often. Several crops and paddles that sit and wait for just the right bottom. And needles. I want to learn beautiful needlework. I also love ball busting.

Love putting a man on his knees. If you are interested in any of this, and are a service oriented sub or slave, you are welcome to contact me for further discussion. up Free Now. This site uses cookies. OK More info. Last visit: Visible to members only! Up Now! For those of you that know what it is, the Master At Arms shack.

Need ltr male sub

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