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Everything functions and we have a great time just like any other couple. The couple became a viral sensation after a picture of them, which Courtney captioned husbandnotdad, went viral on Twitter earlier this year. As Fabulous reported in July other age-gap matches jumped at the chance to share their love stories. The main problem Courtney encounters in her relationship with Vann is other women making a play for her man, who at 59 is a year younger than her dad, Wallis, Courtney, from southern Georgia, USA, is from the same small town as Vann, dad to four children aged 38, 36, 34 and Love, respect, patience, space and lots in common!

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He also worked in a beauty ant circuit my aunt competed in. He arranged the music, so I was aware of him. In she became interested in music and, knowing he was an expert in it, approached him for help.

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I asked him how he would feel about taking our relationship to the next level and going on a date. I was — and still am — infatuated by him. This is his last year, before retiring, but he works with 12 to year-olds.

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They married in front of just 20 people in Georgia in July including her dad and mum Mary, who is in her 50s. Responding to Courtney, one woman shared: "My hubs will be 50 in a few days and I'm going on Twenty-six age gap and married for five years with three. Wanna know why?! They love seeing us happy. But not everyone has been kind.

There was talk he was talking to me when I was younger, which was completely false. Women took to social media to share their relationships with older men and what their favourite thing about being in a couple was. The romantic defence of their relationship soon went viral with wives and girlfriends revealing how happy they were with their older chaps.

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Love knows no age, no gender, no race. Love real life stories? We're always on the lookout for case studies to feature on Fabulous Online. our Facebook group and you could make money by telling your story. in. All Football. Anna Roberts. Courtney and Vann's age gap hashtag. Courtney and Vann prompted a viral hashtag husbandnotdad which spread across social media.

Women who are dating men up to four times their age took to Twitter to celebrate their love. Most read in Real Life.

Men and sex granny

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