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When it comes to commenting on other people's outfits, the word "flattering" is arguably one of the most commonly used descriptors. Finding clothing that flatters your body has become the ultimate goal, especially according to traditional media.

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There are several problems with the term flattering. For one, it implies that thinner always equals better. It also implies that everyone should, and does, want to be thinner — something that is patently untrue.

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If you're looking for some more creative ways to tell your friend you think their outfit is fly, here are 21 compliments that'll get the message across without implying that the goal of dressing should always be to make your body look a certain way. When in doubt, focus on how your friend is feeling, rather than how they look. After all, clothing should make us feel good.

Is there a higher compliment than telling someone you'd do anything to get the outfit in their closet? According to science, the clothes you wear can actually affect your confidence. Let your friend know they've nailed the art of putting together a look that slays all self-doubt.

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If you know the look is an adventurous style choice for your pal, don't be afraid to call her out on a job well done. Not all heroes wear capes — though those are in style lately. Not only do your friends love what you are wearing, but strangers noticed how great you look, too! And when all other options have been exhausted, use this excellent outfit as an excuse to buy even more clothes. This article was originally published on Jan. By The Bustle Fashion Editors. Updated: May 26, Originally Published: Jan.

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30 Creative Ways To Compliment Someone's Outfit