Indian girls wanting sex

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Why do we even assume women would be different from men? They have the freedom to reveal this saucy side of their personality to the people they choose as their mates. And all of them are first-time writers. Women are opening up about accepting that just like men, they have the same or rather, more needs. Be it the 69 or the tricky catapult, women are now trying their hand no pun intended at various positions. The modern Indian woman wants the full eight-course meal! From mind games to wooing to knowing what an orgasm feels like!

I was limited to watching Bollywood movies, where sexual energy Indian girls wanting sex bursting at the seams. We were expected to magically be in touch with our sexuality once married — no practice allowed. Let me say it simply, sex is good! What do I want? We should keep trying till we make the recipes our own and bring out the flavours we love!

When I sat down to list what women want in the bedroom or any other roomthe list came quick and snappy. And it was the exact list I had made for a job requirement I recently posted for a fairly senior position. Men and brands have killed more with boredom than with guns.

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Talk turns us on. Share that out loud. Whisper, groan, roar, moan, shout, sing — we want to hear it all. Use your imagination. Sex can be awkward. Not like in the books. There are strange sounds, positions and things go out of control. Laugh about it. Crack a joke. The unexpectedness of it is fun and exciting! Tease, role play, get some toys. Why so serious? Share the lead. Let me take charge, make the first move, dominate, be the one in power yes, cuffs and chains too!

Match me, meet me where I am and then raise the bar. The modern Indian woman not only has a free spirit and mind but she also wants to exercise her choice of how she wants to be treated sexually. She does not want to rush into the act. Set the mood right. Dimly-lit bedroom, fresh sheets, perhaps a massage bed on the side, fresh flowers, soft music, chilled champagne in stem glasses. Ideally, an empty house with the doorbell disarmed and all gadgets switched off. Ah, oral foreplay for the maximum pleasure of both. And then Act 2.

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I have no qualms in making the first move. I want you to be more than ready for a feisty woman like me. I like to take charge, I want my man to be a Man in bed, to twist, turn and whirl me around.

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I want you to say those sweet nothings while making love. I want you to ask me if I like it. Yes, I love role play. The cowgirl is my favourite. But at the end of it all, all I want is for you to look me in the eye and say that you love me. Gently, yet passionately. So what I want in bed, is sleep. And hot it is. With both of us going through mid-life crises, changing hormone levels, and general cantankerous behaviour, we prefer to keep it short, and onwards to the blissful state of sleep.

What women want in bed, irrespective of era and race, is to explore. Different positions maybe how some Kama Sutra postures really work! Kinky stuff BDSMrole playing. Enticing, alluring foreplay. Sex at different places in different situations. Women want to decide when, where, with whom and for how long. They want to truly enjoy their bodies, those gorgeous bodies that God created.

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Are men listening? For me, sex is fun. Role play keeps the fire going in a long marriage. I enjoy playing a seductress and a coy Indian bride. The author is based out of Pune and has worked in the corporate world in various capacities. He is also the author of Eighteen Plus Duets, a collection of short stories. Fascinating video shows plane dropping fish to restock lakes in Utah. Chef makes bald eagle completely out of chocolate. As women talk more about their desires, they want more than spooning, we discover.

Getty Images brunch. A wandering mind will not find the spot. I want us to get there together. Baby, I want you to last a little longer. Get our daily newsletter Subscribe. Thank you for subscribing to our daily newsletter. Whatsapp Twitter Facebook Linkedin.

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Indian girls wanting sex

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Women: I divorced my husband because he couldn't satisfy me