I want to visit your lactation station

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If the Fair Labor Standards Act, which took effect inrequires companies to provide time and a private space for new mothers to breast-pump at work, why are we still hearing horror stories years later? Pumping in bathrooms and dirty supply closets, being walked in on by coworkers and even male colleagues stealing breastmilk are all real and incredibly stressful situations that working moms continue to endure.

However, today's best companies know the secret to success and employee retention! One easy way to do that? Keep them comfortable while they pump. With everything from hospital-grade equipment to massage chairs, the companies below have created luxurious and serene spaces that allow moms to privately pump in peace. Here's what you will find at some of the swankiest lactation lounges in the country:.

A square-foot lounge contains eight private rooms with outlets for pumps. The rooms have comfortable chairs, lamps and shelves. In addition to the refrigerator, the lounge area includes dozens of lockers for moms to store their pumps so they do not need to carry them to and from work.

The space also includes two sinks, and two microwaves. An American multinational manufacturer of branded consumer foods AND supportive of working moms; we approve. The company offers a total of 19 Mother's Rooms across its Twin Cities office locations. In the General Mills office headquarters, there are nine individual and private lactation rooms. Unilever has one of the most stylish lactation rooms located at its office headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, NJ.

Women have access to sinks, mirrors, microwaves and Baby Dove and Seventh Generation products, such as wipes and soap.

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In Hyatt's new corporate headquarters in Chicago, IL, Hyatt employees and moms Kristen Conry and Nina Garrison helped de the room by collecting extensive feedback from other mothers within the company. Throughout the de process, the team took great care to ensure the rooms were comfortable, convenient and easily accessible for working moms, with everything from fixtures and structural elements to high-quality supplies taken into consideration.

And they continue to request feedback on what else might make the rooms more comfortable. A hospital-grade pump, milk storage bags, cleaning wipes, a full sink with bottle-safe soap, a microwave for sanitizing parts, and lockers for supplies are all provided in each room to help support the moms.

Long mirrors allow moms the chance to regroup before heading back to work. The rooms are limited just to moms and require key-card access for entry. Moms can book the space on a company-wide calendar, helping to ensure privacy and allow each mother adequate time in the room.

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WiFi is also available in all of the rooms. Refrigerators and microwaves are offered in both permanent and temporary rooms, and all of the rooms, including the Mamava pods, have hospital-grade pumps. The spaces are set up to be work-free, to help new moms relax and destress. They have dimming light features and floor lamps in some locations, as well as bulletin boards for information and photo sharing. Bonnier is the parent company of yours truly, Working Motherand the room was deed by the magazine's staff. Bonnier offers a lactation room in its New York office, furnished with a comfy lounge chair and desk chair, lamp and nightstand to place any additional pumping items moms may have.

A hospital-grade breast pump comes along with "How-To" sheets, to help new moms learn how to properly pump their breastmilk. Moms can treat themselves to a little TLC while they pump, thanks to a massaging seat cover and a foot massager. The room also includes a white noise machine, bluetooth speaker, charging station and a vertical mirror—to prevent a potential fashion faux pas before employees head back to work.

Deloitte offers single use lactation rooms in their offices, all furnished with a sofa and ottoman to relax and pump, as well as a table to rest any other accessories. The lactation rooms include a sink, and all new moms at Deloitte are given professional-grade breast pump for convenient use at work. Deloitte provides each new mom six months of unlimited telephone counseling with a certified lactation consultant and reimbursement of shipping expenses for expressed milk while on business travel. And if you think this space looks serene, just wait—the company plans on redeing its lactation rooms within the next year to provide a suite containing multiple private rooms with a more spa-like aesthetic.

IBM offers a total of 30 lactation rooms within their company offices. At their site in Rochester, MN, they offer a room with two separate stations along with a single use room, offering up more availability for new moms returning from maternity leave. The rooms also offer cubbies and a refrigerator in order to help moms store their pumps and milk. Corporate Communications Manager Laurie Freidman says, "It's a convenience to mothers who don't want to bring pumps back and forth from home to work each day. With fun wallpaper and bright colors, moms at Microsoft have an upbeat and supportive environment to call their own.

There is at least one New Mother's Room with a minimum of two vestibule lactation stations in each Microsoft office, depending on the population of the building. Collectively, there are more than I want to visit your lactation station Mother's Rooms globally. For moms at locations without the option of a private area, the company allows them to arrange for a place at their location with managers, or get approved locks on their office doors. Hospital-grade breast pumps are provided for all new moms so they are able to pump at work in the private rooms.

The rooms avoid feeling too clinical or corporate thanks to radios and tack boards for photos, for a more hospitable and personal atmosphere and cute pictures of kids, of course. The cost of shipping breastmilk is covered for employees who travel for work. The room was deed by the company and has a soft and cushioned sofa, giving it a calm and homey touch—especially with the framed pictures of the city on the walls.

The room also contains a wireless speaker, a fan, aromatherapy mister, a side table and indirect floor light to create an even more relaxing environment. The company enlisted a professional birth doula to help de the room.

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The room is equipped with a refrigerator specifically for moms. It has multiple shelves to increase milk storage availability. There is a sink with dish soap, hand soap, drying rack, paper towels and a storage cabinet as well. The spouse of an SRAM employee, who is a "lactavist," natural child birth educator and professional birth doula, added a few touches to the room to help new moms feel more at ease when pumping.

She added a cork board on the wall so mothers can hang up pictures of their babies. This is meant to help induce letdown and make the milk flow easier when pumping. Other cheery additions include a colorful vase and flowers, and a framed inspirational quote, to remind moms how amazing they are. Morningstar is an investment research and investment management firm, and this cute wellness room is located at their office headquarters in New York, NY. Morningstar offers a single wellness room in their New York office equipped with a microwave, under-counter refrigerator, a countertop sink, cabinets, a chair, adjustable table and a trackable panel.

Each lounge has three I want to visit your lactation station stations with padded chairs and footrests to help moms feel a little more comfortable. Two under-counter refrigerators are offered in all Mother's Lounges. This adds more countertop space without losing storage availability. Each station has its own breast pump, and the lounges contain a microwave, sink and eight personal lockers with digital controls.

The Constellation rooms are equipped with marker-boards to write positive messages for other moms to see, and a cork board to pin up photos of the little ones. At their office headquarters in Seattle, Amazon offers Mother's Rooms dedicated to nursing moms. Every room is equipped with hospital-grade pumps and storage for all pumping accessories if a mother chooses to bring her own.

Other room accommodations include seating, a work station, phone and network connection, for moms who don't want to unplug. Each station has a chair, table surface, access to electrical outlets and as always, that much-needed privacy. In each room, moms can find info on breastfeeding support and onsite childcare programs, and women who are pregnant or just gave birth are offered a lactation program through Optum and Corporate Lactation Services.

They are women-only rooms to increase the privacy and ensure the comfortability of every new mom when they need to pump at work. All Mother's Rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art pumping equipment as well as sanitation gear specifically suited for nursing mothers. All new moms get a special badge to access the room, and they aren't required to book appointments to use the room perfect for squeezing in a pumping session between meetings. The company has 80 Mother's Rooms located in their offices across the U.

Each one is a single occupant staton, and nursing mothers never have to go more than one floor up or down to access a room. Nordstrom is unique in that they offer Mother's Lounges in both their full-price retail stores as well as office buildings. The lounges in full-price stores consist of large cushioned chairs and have access to changing tables if needed.

The lactation rooms in office buildings consist of chairs, a changing table, a sink, a microwave and private areas for pumping. As of AugustCintas updated their Mason, Ohio location to have a lactation suite with three rooms.

Cintas offers medical grade breast pumps. The company aimed to make the rooms as cozy as possible with reclining swivel chairs, art with motivational quotes, and framed baby photos. The suites have WiFi, a chair and workstation, and a telephone. In the waiting area, there is a sink, a microwave, a refrigerator, and lockers to store personal belongings. The location is also testing new medical-grade breast pumps for easier and more efficient milk collection.

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Follow us facebook twitter pinterest instagram youTube rss. One employee mom says, "We can be here and be present, but still fulfill our roles as moms. How many lactation stations are available in each Mother's Lounge? How do moms store their milk? The lounge offers a private full-size refrigerator for new moms. What else does the room offer?

Are there any additional perks?

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How many lactation stations are available? Each lactation room has its own mini-refrigerator. All rooms have a hospital-grade breast pump, a comfortable chair and sanitizing wipes. How many lactation room are available?

The Unilever office in Englewood Cliffs offers 12 individual private rooms. Is milk storage available? Each room has its own mini-refrigerator. At least one room on each floor in every building has a Medela hospital-grade pump. Any other perks? What was the thought process for deing the rooms? What else do the rooms offer? Any additional perks? Intel offers private lactation rooms as well as Mamava pods.

How is each Mother's Room equipped? How is the room furnished?

I want to visit your lactation station

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The 20 Most Impressive Company Lactation Lounges in the U.S.