I want to fulfill a rape fantasy

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Posted November 5, Reviewed by Jessica Schrader. After all, a woman feeling scared out of her mind is hardly conducive to sexual arousal. Additionally, women are frequently embarrassed, or ashamed, about the fact that such lascivious imaginings can actually turn them on. So what exactly is going on here? Not to mention, absolutely mortifying to feminists! Meana again, rather apologetically portrays a scene representative of the nature of female lust—which seems not only regressive or reactionary but also distinctly anti-feminist.

Here, paraphrased by Bergner, is how she describes it:. The ravisher is so overcome by a craving focused on this particular woman that he cannot contain himself; he transgresses societal codes in order to seize her, and she, feeling herself to be the unique object of his desire, is electrified by her own reactive charge and surrenders. The multiple ironies that emerge from such a depiction can hardly be missed. So we end up with the eroticized image of her being thrown up against a wall yet, as imagined, not in any real danger.

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I walk a fine line, politically and personally, talking frankly about this subject. Arousal [and, however involuntarily, most women do lubricate in situations of actual rape] is not consent. What Chivers believes must be emphasized is that such politically incorrect sexual fantasies are absent any imagined negative repercussions.

But not that of sexualitybut of utterly petrifying anxiety and panic. And her submission is quite as much to her most profound erotic desires as to the supposed male aggressor.

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For her, these bold fantasies are finally about a willing not forced surrender, which casts the woman in the role of sharing power with her chosen, dominant male—as opposed to being simply overpowered by him.

And, of course, the fantasy itself resides totally within her control. You need something complementary The exquisite dance of sexual domination and submission remains an intoxicating element of lovemaking, in spite of our desire for equality in other aspects of life. All the same, viable options to this already well-established term are not that easy to come by.

But what in each instance would be required is that they suggest something of the paradoxical essence of such imaginings. That is, such fantasies might be deemed:. My own personal favorite would be "fantasies of being ravished," which also totally eliminates the disturbing term rape. For, ultimately, choosing to forfeit control may not be to lose it I invite readers to me on Facebookand to follow my miscellaneous and sometimes unorthodox musings on Twitter.

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I want to fulfill a rape fantasy

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Exploring the Rape Fantasy