I don t want to go by myself

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Does this thought feel familiar? If so, you are not alone. Many people who struggle with their mental health have experienced similar thoughts and feelings. Not everyone who thinks about dying wants to die.

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It is important to recognize the difference between passive and active suicidal thoughts or ideation. Passive suicidal thoughts are thoughts you have about dying without actually having a plan. Active suicidal ideation includes making plans to end your life. In the novel, the main character completes suicide to escape the pressures and expectations she felt. During our class discussion, I spent a bit too much time defending her decision.

It was normal to want to die, right? I did not know it at the time, but my compassion for this character likely stemmed from my undiagnosed depression. I feel certain that I was not the only person in the room who felt this way. Many people think about dying to help manage or end mental and emotional pain.

Consider the feelings behind these thoughts. Understanding the source can help you better manage the thoughts and prevent a crisis from occurring. Having suicidal thoughts can be a scary experience! Being afraid to die could also be a starting point. With that said, suicidal thoughts should be taken seriously. If you are having passive suicidal thoughts, it can help you feel less alone to share these concerns with a person you trust. Put some distance between your thoughts and behaviors and talk to someone whether it be a friend, parent, or counselor about how you are feeling.

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Here is a template for how to begin the conversation :. I have struggled with thoughts about dying. I would like to talk more about this and I need your help. It is completely normal to feel a variety of feelings, including confusion, lonelinessand apathy, when struggling with suicidal thoughts.

Just know that you are not alone: seeking help can be the first step in alleviating the feelings and pressure of these thoughts.

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Next Article. Where do these feelings come from? Are you feeling: Hopeless? At your lowest, your mind can be dominated with thoughts preventing you from feeling hopeful. It feels like tunnel vision.

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Try to remember things, no matter how big or small, that made you feel hopeful in the past. Have you accomplished something that made you proud—even something small? Are there photos that make you smile—of friends, family, or cute animals? It is okay to want to take a temporary break from reality. The key word here is temporary. Taking time to focus on self-care is actually a selfless act: when you take care of yourself, you have more energy to give to others. In grief? Have you recently lost someone or something that was a big part of your life? Dealing with loss and grief is so difficult.

As you have probably heard, grieving is a process that takes time to eventually feel better. Maybe your life feels like it is at a dead end. If you wake up feeling aimless, set your intention or purpose for the day. It could be as simple as taking a relaxing bath or cooking a healthy meal. Take things one day at a time, or even an hour at a time. Maybe the things that keep you safe, like seatbelts, no longer mean much to you. Think about how your thoughts and feelings may be affecting your behavior.

Afraid of letting others down? Feeling like a burden to others is common for people struggling with their mental health, but you do not have to carry these feelings alone. Try to surround yourself with people who support you. Give yourself some credit Having suicidal thoughts can be a scary experience!

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Finding support With that said, suicidal thoughts should be taken seriously. My life is over.

I don t want to go by myself

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