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The Direct Trading Co. Branches in All Districts. San-aging Direetor. National Ten till Three p. Stephen Adeeon: Peter a p, M? LatouT of? The Troupe of Dancers. Scene: Hotel- do-Monde, Montpelier. BigycHea Stored Free of Charge. Lessee and Manager. SJrF Open 6. IO Booked bv Post or Telephone, The Pick of t. B HOUR. Screams of Laughter. To do both and instruct is better.

A Subject that is always Pleasing and Popular. I nIrm? With all the Late,isEt, i. Nightly at 8; Doors Open 2. Popular Prices. Early Doors at 2 and 7. Mignon Tremaine. The Eminent Baritone, Sydney Harris. Ugo Nap. Fearon Fallows. How the Poor Live, an episode from real life shown on the American Bioscope. Ced4 j I? Doors open each day at 2. Oammences at 3 p. The Best and Choicest ever offered at the Price. Either of the above may be had at any of D. Wines and Spirits of every description of the oldest and choicest Vintages and distillation.

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Early Inspection Invited. Memento of King's Visit. Note Address: E. TeL Per caeeoi 4 Flagons. Special Pale Ale. Double Stout Oatmeal. J Bitter Ale. Per Dozen Bottles. Telephone No. FINE 2D.

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Sbeffaaa, of Cardiff. Amonpr the sweets were serreral wonderful and beautiful pieces of workmanship in sugar and chocolate, but tbe most striking novelties were the exhibit of Messrs. Stereos, IJtd. London Correspondent. One of the most remarkable and most admired exhibits on the Table d'Honneur was that sect in by Messrs. Stevens, Ltd. The examples were unique and most original. Stevens, Litd. Bloh Plum Puddings. Mountains of Christmas Caikes. Thousands of Toys and Novelties. Endleee Varieties of Sweetmeats. Cbooolatee from All Makere. Our now celebrated Ghooolaie made on the premises hourly.

To Suit Everyone's Shopping. Fine Household Bread. Soap, 6d.

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Pea Blo? Valley, Opo. An Immense stock to choose from. Prioes to suit all pockets. Splendid range, from ftd. Bargams in OajMaM. As wouM be Pm to Give Ma? Evans, 5, Pembroke-road, Canton. Twor, 12, Oottrell-road. Burrelli's, Albany-road. Addressed envelope Manager, Glendower, Torquay.

Established Tmi ftJB8. BepHeB to Adertisemats directed to the "Z? The Law up to date; emtaining!? Ubamy-road, a Green Leather Belt, with silver [ buckles. MtiXms 19? Southern,The U. UlaS testimonialsfe, pply to Sanitary Assocmtion? Southern li?? Apply, with full T' particulats, Mrs. Ue, GlyDmoch, Treorchy. Bower, 75, Sanquhaj-ftToe-t, East Moors. Also an Appren? I tice; indoors. Strand, Lon- don; or with Mr. Grew, 18, Gold Tops, Newport, Mon.

Evening Express, Cardiff. The E! Y Hilburd. Stamp for reply.

Housewives want sex French village Missouri 63036

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