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Royal Therapy Spa. Rose Massage. Goals Be less nervous when you see the girl. When you walk in, look her in the eye and smile. Be more confident when u see a pretty girl, dont be scared to smile. They are there for you. Make solid eye contact with the girl during massage, don't be scared. She's not that beautiful. Learn how to please the women more: kissing, sucking, feeling, groping, etc. Don't be scared to go for the groping early.

But pace yourself. First soft stroking on lower leg, then thighs, butt, finally crotch. Fingering Short: Insert one or more fingers into a woman's vagina making a "come here" motion on the top of her vagina 2 inches in. Also makes it more plesurable while rubbing or licking the woman's clitoris.

Fingering Long Guide Don't be scared to hardline them. Be more careful with money. They will milk everything they can from you. Make friends with them, play and tease as much as u want. Emotional connection gives better service. Don't be stupid. Behave yourself and treat them with some respect. Make the girl feel special. Hugs and kisses are good. Learn how to kiss really well. Vacation Times Condensed List ATL Royal Therapy Spa -- Mia hotHanna super hot Gold Spa -- Yoyo hot, cool gave me special dealSeven super hot, gets little moody late at nightIvy mean, dominant and controlling, but also motherly Rainbow Spa -- Jae hot korean, blonde pink hair Rose Massage -- Anna 30s really Helen beauty milpitas erotic and well built, motherlyNiko25 hot, sexy curves, pretty chinese girl, affectionate and playful Aromatherapy -- Lucy beautiful tall koreanKim another beautiful tall korean, kinda bitchy.

I thought this was a korean spa. She was short tan and curvy, but aged. Gave me a decent table shower. Massage was aite. She asked if I wanted extras but tried to negotiate too hard, so i said fuck it. She said she would take no tip. I gladly obliged. She would be decent at some points, but sometimes her attitude would be so god damn awful. Did not enjoy her personality, definitley would not see again.

Yoyo Gold Spa, Atlanta 30, Nice playful korean girl. Greeted me wearing a bikini. Decent english. Very calm and patient with me and my negotiation. Got her to budge from to She threw a 20 minute contingency, Helen beauty milpitas erotic i just paid the full Ended up only lasting 20 mins anyway. We got to the room and I liked what I saw. They all wear sexy heels here so they are my height. Petite body with slight curves. Pretty korean face. Beautiful long straight korean hair. Stradled my back and did some sexy massage. Got me to flip soon, and started sucking me very well.

Laid across my lower body sexily, and put her leg over me while sucking. I was turned on. This girl massacred my cock with her teeth. Really bites into it, definitely hurt at some points, but in a good way.

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I almost came in her mouth cuz the bj was so good, but I held off. She was pretty playful even though she was tired, but i was too nervous to be as playful, I regret that. Then came the hj, also pretty damn excellent. Groped her ass, legs, pussy, and boobs during. Cute little ass, rubbed her asshole, Little fov action through her thong.

Nice c cups. Curvy legs. The thing that made me pop was the view of her backside. She looks so good from behind. Wide butt, nice curvy thighs. Super sexy. It was my last night in town, and I just had Bulla at St Jame spa who really wasn't that impressive. I wanted to finish strong and I knew yoyo would be a sure bet, she's hot and always working late at night. Went in around am, lady greeted me at front and took me to room.

Yoyo came in, she looked a lil tired.

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We smiled, and I told her I wanted fs today. She asked how much I could pay, and I said not too much, and asked her for her best price. I agreed in a firm way, and we were off to the races. Cashed out at the atm, went to the restroom then we started. On the way to the restroom, I realized she's kinda petite, the mirrors in this place make things look bigger. She's actually got a pretty skinny narrow body, with a small but cute round ass, and skinny thighs and legs. She's very pretty though, cute korean face with nice long black soft straight korean hair.

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She also had beautiful lipstick on. She started by sucking my cock, but this was my 3rd parlor of the day so it was challenging for me to get hard. I just got done with Bulla St Jame about 1. I asked her to massage my shoulders cuz they hurt, but she adamantly said after massage. I couldn't get hard off her blow job, even though she does a fantastic blow job.

She was a little frustrated, she said I was a bad customer and asked why i called to make appointment with her. I comforted her, laughed and told her she didn't have to do massage. She said lets do hj first, she pulled the condom off, lubed me up and got me really Helen beauty milpitas erotic in those beautiful soft hands.

I was giving her fov action on her pretty wet pussy lips and clit with one hand and squeezing her breast with the other. Also rubbed her soft little asshole. She was enjoying all of this, kept moaning. This was also where she brought up the fact that Seven told her I didn't cum yesterday during sex, so she asked me if i could today.

I told her I did cum yesterday even tho it was during hj, and that i def could today. Apparently seven was not happy I didn't cum. After I was hard we started in missionary, which quickly transitioned into CAT as she held out her arms for me to come in. It's so nice lying on top of herIt felt pretty great when I entered her, her pussy is warm and pretty tight. A little too tight, my cock felt the squeeze a couple hours after we were done. These korean girls really love CAT. Did some light CAT, then I wanted her to get on top, but she asked if doggystyle was ok instead. IMO doggy style can get me a lot harder than cg, but if i'm already hard cg feels fucking amazing.

Got some solid doggy action, she's very fun in doggy, her cute ass is quite fun to bump around. I was pretty hard again, and I was ready to finish in CAT. I came out, and she asked if I was done. She was started to doubt whether I could cum. I Helen beauty milpitas erotic to do CAT one more time i asked kinda softly though, should have been more assertiveand she agreed. I got on top in CAT and felt pretty dominant. I love laying on top of this girl, she smells so good, some sort of pleasing unique scent. Started off with light CAT, she got her thighs around my torso and started squeezing pretty hard.

Helen beauty milpitas erotic

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