Discretion is a necessity

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Some features of this site may not work without it. Thomann van Engen Tummers The topic of discretion continues to be hotly debated in policy de and policy implementation. In top-down theories, discretion at the frontline is often seen as a control problem: discretion should be avoided as it can mean that the policy is not implemented as intended. Conversely, bottom-up theories state that discretion can .

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Conversely, bottom-up theories state that discretion can help policy implementers tailor a policy to specific circumstances. However, there has been little systematic research into how the experience of having discretion motivates frontline workers to implement a policy. We conceptualize and test this relationship by combining public administration and motivation literature, using datasets in healthcare and education and large-N set-theoretic configurational analysis.

robustly show that experiencing discretion is a quasi-necessary condition and, hence, a prerequisite for high implementation willingness.

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This finding is more in line with bottom-up than with top-down theories. Policy implementers crucially need the freedom to adapt the program to local conditions for being motivated to implement a policy. View full metadata. Item views 0. Full item downlo 0. Show Statistical Information.

Discretion is a necessity

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Prosecutorial Discretion: The Difficulty and Necessity of Public Inquiry