Cute and have a personality

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While at first they may seem specific to us, most people in happy, healthy relationships bring them to the table in their own ways. I have definitely absorbed some of her compassion not as much as I would like, I mean, some people make it really hard for me to be understanding. As a result, our inevitable arguments are brief and constructive.

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And you know what? Her patience just makes me want to fix whatever it is that needs fixing. I was regrettably in a few more traditional relationships in the past, and it was exhausting.

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Instead, I can ask for her help, I can vacuum and dust instead of dealing with gross stuff, and I can be me instead of some faux, hyper-masculine version of myself. I suffer from generalized anxiety disorderwhich means that there are times when I need a little more emotional support than the average person. My partner graciously provides it.

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I do most of the cooking these days, but my partner is no slouch in the kitchen. Even when things are total garbage, she makes an effort to see a silver lining. Just the other day we were playing a board game with friends and my buddy Zach died, or failed a roll of the dice, or something.

When things are Jem-and-the-Holograms-the-movie-bad, I try to imagine what my partner would do. I tend to fly by the seat of my pants.

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I dive in headfirst, hope for the best, and adjust if I need to. This can be an awesome way to live, but sometimes my freewheeling can get me in trouble.

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My partner is the complete opposite: she is a planner, a think-before-you-talker, and a rule follower. We all have mundane superpowers. For example, if parallel parking were an Olympic sport, I would be on the national team. SELF is a wellness website and a recognized global thought leader in health content. This article was originally published at Self.

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Cute and have a personality

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How to have a cute and bubbly personality