Bored anyone looking to mingle

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Now Search Community. Topic: Married but bored. I'm not bored with my marriage. I'm just bored with my life. I don't have any close friends to hang out with or just have an adult conversation with. I don't have any anything in common with people I work with. Jeannie, my passion is my job. I can't bring my job home. I guess maybe my husband is boring but he's a good husband Bored anyone looking to mingle great provider but I'm still just bored with him.

I guess I just need some excitement in my life that he can't provide. Your reading into the wrong message. I'm not looking for an affair. Why would I destroy my married for what Ever out there? You really have gotten me mistaken. I came to this site for conversation and maybe advice not for a relationship. I can give advice to others but I can't give advice to myself.

No being bored is having nothing to do or a person surrounding. In my situation I think I'm just looking for conversation. I was bored with my first husband. It was because the sex was very boring and almost non-existent. I think he was gay and did not realize it. The marriage only lasted 4 years. Sex department is great. I think it's more of being on the go he's not a fan of that and I don't have any close friends that I can do that with. This is my second marriage and I moved here 12 years ago to be with him. I work full time, school full time for my masters, cook, clean.

There is nothing else in my house left to do I am Mrs. HGTV, I've done everything from adding own to the house to building a house myself. in and enjoy! Evidently, this is the wrong forum for my post. Thanks for the conversations.

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I'll move on. Thanks Jeannie. All rights reserved. The best thing to do to cure boredom is to be creative. Find something you have a passion for and do something creative with it. What are you interested in? You have one life, follow your passion! Don't waste your life being bored. First you say that you are not bored with your marriage, but with your 'life' and now you are saying that you are bored with your husband. I can tell you what I think.

I think the honeymoon is over and you are looking for an affair. If you can't find a way to spice up your marriage, your marriage is doomed.

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I pray for a day when I have nothing to do. There is housework, dishes, cooking, Internet, making websites, walking the dogs, taking care of my mom, taking care of my cats, painting, exercising, watching netflix, wow Nothing to do? I can't imagine that.

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Then the other conversations already taking place in the forums. If you just want to have conversations with people, then participate in the other discussions. You could also strike up a conversation with someone by using private messaging. Lol Then why are you bored? Good sex, busy life etc. You should not be bored at all.

What are you learning? What are you creating? I find that learning new things or creating a painting or writing a book or deing a website is very exciting. Of course I am never bored. When do you have time to be bored? Well, I am capable of receiving private messages if someone wants a conversation with me. Thanks Jeannie Here's the way I see it. Our ancestors sat around in a dark cave for hours a day with nothing to entertain them, but their own thoughts.

I think boredom comes from having too much to occupy your mind and not enough time to think. Did you know that the television was invented by a farmer while he was plowing his field? I'll bet dollars to donuts that if you took up fishing or gardening, you'd get over your boredom and get to know yourself better.

Bored anyone looking to mingle

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