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You will find Kansas City on the western edge of the state of Missouri. There is a lot to love about the city and it will not take you long to discover it. Famed for its barbeques, jazz music and surprisingly its fountains of which there are more than If you are in the Great Plains it would make no sense to miss out on a trip to KC. Besides the stand-out sights, top class museums and thrilling amusement and water parks, Kansas City is full of pretty neighborhoods and areas of effortless charm that will keep you easily hooked and enjoying the vibe of the city for at least a week.

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The National Adult fun Kansas City War 1 Museum is renowned throughout the country for being one of the best of its kind. The museum is housed in a rather modern building with a glass walkway over a field of red poppies: a powerful reminder of the combat in the trenches in the First World War. Many Americans overlook the First World War but this museum, with its vast informative displays and cabinets full of weapons and uniforms, certainly does not.

The Worlds of Fun theme park covers a whopping acres and has rides for all ages including the legendary Mamba rollercoaster which, like the snake that shares its name, is one of the fastest and scariest in the world. The park is also home to the Dinosaurs Alive attraction which features life size dinosaurs that will thrill children and adults alike. In the summertime, the park is open from 10 in the morning until 10 at night. The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum is one of the few museums in the United States to explore the world of baseball when it was racially segregated.

There were once African American only teams such as the New York Black Yankees and the story of the sports segregation and eventual integration is explored in depth at this museum. The Kansas City Zoo was founded over a century ago in and continues to attract large crowds to this day.

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The zoo is set in an area of over acres and is best known for its Kenya and Tiger Trail exhibits. The zoo has recently added koala bears to its already impressive roster. As with many zoos, the exhibits are spread out and you should expect to do plenty of walking and allow a full day for visiting the zoo. The Country Club Plaza is the premiere shopping destination in Kansas City but the real reason to visit is to admire the architecture of the Spanish architecture. The district was built in the s and has been a commercial area ever since. There are walking tour brochures available, allowing you to tour the sights of the area and providing details of the main sights, including the sculptures.

Most notable are the bullfight mural on Central Street and the impressive Neptune Fountain. The museum is a great place to learn about the history of jazz in the area including the different styles, instruments and famous musicians that once resided in Kansas City. One of the most notable jazz musicians, Charlie Parker, actually lived and played in this very neighborhood. The museum is displayed in a stylish manner and is, on the whole, very interactive. The collection is the only one of its kind on display to the public making it a truly unique experience and one that is guaranteed to stick in Adult fun Kansas City memory.

The Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas City is as well known for its impressive architecture as it is known for its collection of art. The building itself is built in impressive neoclassical style and looks almost like a chandelier emerging from the surrounding greenery. The collection housed at the museum consists of a of paintings and photographs from Europe as well as a vast and impressive collection of Asian artwork both past and present. The College Basketball Experience is really just a jazzed up name for a basketball hall of fame.

The museum is full of enough memorabilia to give any fan of the sport a thrill.

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Whilst visiting the museum, you can also look at the aded Sprint Center which is currently used for concerts but is on the hunt its own franchise. It is home to a whopping tonnes of salvaged items some may call it junk, others call it treasure. The items were rescued from the Missouri River Adult fun Kansas City a steamboat sank in and, despite the river claiming many casualties over the years, there are no other museums that have managed to salvage lost goods and put them on display like this one.

Located in a handy spot on Warwick Boulevard, close to the Country Club Plaza, this museum is a real trend setter. The exhibitions here consist of some of the worlds up and coming contemporary artwork and are regularly changing to keep things fresh. Free guided tours are available and are a great way to learn about the artwork whilst appreciating it. The cafe within the museum, Cafe Sebastian, has been voted as one of the best restaurants in the country and if you have some time and money to spare it is well worth eating here.

Well, you might not be able to play with them, but the toys housed within this museum are some of the worlds most valuable and rarest. The collection began in when two private collectors ed forces. The museum was then 7, square feet in area. It now occupies 33, square feet and houses 72, objects. It is one of the largest collections of antique toys open to the public.

The Kansas City Public Library is at once noticeable due to the so-called Community Bookshelf outside the main library building. The Community Bookshelf consists of model book spines, each measuring 25 feet, which depict certain books recommended by readers in the city. The Central Adult fun Kansas City is currently home to an exhibition showcasing Shakespeare in his early years and even has his first folio, thought to be one of the rarest and most valuable books in the world.

Since it opened inthe stadium has played host to an impressive 77, fans. Tours of the stadium include access to the Royals hall of fame, a close up look at the largest HD screen at Adult fun Kansas City baseball stadium and an interactive kids area. A tour of the stadium is a great experience for Royals fans or fans of the sport in general. Another crown in Kansas City worth visiting is the Crown Center, a complex in the Downtown area of the city. The main attractions within the Crown Center are the Sealife Aquarium, home to 5, sea creatures, and the Legoland Discovery Center, an interactive Lego experience with an impressive Lego shop.

The Center is also a great place to see a musical or play with the nationally renowned Coterie Theater and Musical Theater Heritage. The Boulevard Brewing Company has grown from a small local operation to the biggest, and most popular, brewery in the Midwest. The brewery produces a range of fresh and flavourful beers using local ingredients.

Tours of the large facility are free and last for forty minutes. The tours explore the history of the company, the brewing process and, of course, the obligatory tasting room, where you can sample the best Boulevard Brewing Company has to offer.

The unusual building began life as a drawing on the back of a napkin and, now complete, covers an area ofsquare feet. The venue is one of the best places in Kansas City to see a musical or play and the restaurant here, which describes itself as Modern-American cuisine, is also top notch. Located on 51st Street, the park is home to a lake, water park, picnic area and a rose garden which is home to an impressive collection of over 4, roses.

There are also some Civil War markers within the park that mark the locations that General Sterling Price once commanded his gunmen to situate themselves. Its location within the city makes it a perfect place to get some fresh air and relax win natural surroundings. This impressive aviation museum hidden away in hanger 9 of the Missouri Downtown Airport started life with two men pondering upon the best way of restoring an aircraft. The collection has vastly grown within the last thirty years and is now home to a of aviation related vehicles both flying and non-flying.

There are also a of flight simulators on display which offer an intriguing insight into the training of pilots past and present. It is open to the public and has been furnished and restored to represent how life would have been for a family in the American Civil War. The nearby Majors House, former home of Alexander Majors, was built in and sits on acres of farmland. The building has nine rooms, is open to the public and, like the Wornall House, is decorated and fitted out in period style. If so, then the Kansas City Speedway is the place to head to.

The Richard Petty Driving Experience puts you in the saddle of a horsepower monster, with the opportunity of doing 50 breathtaking laps of the course. If the thought of driving such a powerful machine worries you, then why not let one of the professionals take you round the track.

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The park Storm Blaster ride is a blend of a water slide and a rollercoaster where water jets propel you to the top of a massive tower before you rapidly begin your ascent back down to earth. Construction of the Temple was completed in The Temple is a very unusual and striking building that looks like something out of a fairytale. The building is a house of worship and place of education and it dominates the skyline of the area.

It is the headquarters for the Community of Christ. The bar is popular with tourists and locals alike. Knucklehe serves American food and hosts a of bands and other music including a of Elvis impersonators. The Union Station building formerly served Kansas City and the surrounding are before closing in The building is still put to good use however and is full of attractions that are worthy of making it Adult fun Kansas City your Kansas City itinerary.

Current attractions include the Escape Room which pits members of the public together in an attempt to escape from a room by solving a series of puzzles. These are the best things to do in Kansas City : 1. Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn.

Adult fun Kansas City

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